Device Notifications and Log Alerts

Premium Plus, Premium Pro and Members of 'Groups'

Device notifications include text, email and Slack notifications and alerts for any device linked to your account, for example, set fermentation parameters for your digital hydrometer such as Tilt, or send reminder to dry hop. Add your email and phone number in ‘My Account’ settings. Any 'Brew Log' with a future date can have notifications set.

Example: Send notification and alert if fermentation temp rises above or below x and y degrees.

Example: Send notification and alert when gravity reaches e.g 1.012

Tank Log and Brew Log Notifications

Example: If your recipe has a dry hop on day 10, you can set a notification and two custom time frames to remind you and anyone in your group, to dry hop.

Any member of a ‘Group’ ('Premium' membership and up) can receive notifications and alerts that are set within that ‘Group’.

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