Other Ingredients

Getting Started

Keep track of other ingredients used in your brew. Start by adding some Salts or Acids this will update the Mash pH in the Water Chemistry.

How does the Other Ingredients box work in the recipe editor?

This is a free-form section for adding anything else the recipe calls for. Examples include Irish Moss, yeast nutrient, flavors, spices, etc. None of these values impact the recipe stats. If you want something like raw fruit to change the gravity, that would need to be added as a custom fermentable. This section also provides a place to input the priming method, amount, and CO2 Level. These fields are all optional. Examples: Method: Dextrose, Amount: 3.5oz, CO2 Level: 2.2 Volumes Method: Keg, Amount: 11.2 psi @ 40F, CO2 Level: 2.4


Click the inventory button in the upper right to choose a fermentable from your inventory.


  • Fining (ie. Clarity Ferm)

  • Flavor (ie. Passion Fruit)

  • Herb (ie. Rosemary)

  • Spice (ie. Cinnamon)

  • Water Agt (ie. Gypsum)

  • Other


  • Mash

  • Boil

  • Whirlpool

  • Primary Fermentation

  • Secondary Fermentation

  • Bottling

  • Kegging

  • Other

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