Getting Started

Here are global settings for the Recipe Builder, Recipe View and Brew Session.

Global Settings

    Units - Default units on recipe pages. Also applies to settings under the equipment tab.
    Sugar Scale - Specific gravity ( is popular in the home brewing world. Plato is generally used by pro brewers and works well with metric.
    Time Zone - Timezone applied on dates and timestamps throughout the site.
    Date/Time Format - Date format applied on dates and timestamps throughout the site. The above timezone will be applied also.
    Currency Format - Used in shopping. Choose the currency of your country.

Recipe Editor Settings

    Brewing Method - Default brewing method. You are not restricted to a given method, this is just for convenience. Pick the style you brew the most.
    Batch Size Target - Default batch size target on the recipe editor. Target how much goes into the fermentor or target the kettle volume at the end of the boil.
    Default Batch Size - Default batch size in the recipe editor.
    Default Boil Size - Default boil size in the recipe editor.
    Packaging Size - Default packaging size for calculating calories and carbohydrates
    ABV Equation - For more information about ABV equations click here.
    IBU Equation
    SRM Equation
    Default Hops Type
    Default C02 Unit
    Show User Contributed Ingredients - Will show other users ingredients contributed to the catalog in the ingredient dropdowns on the recipe builder.

Recipe View Settings

    Show Fermentation Chart - Show fermentation chart on recipe view from brew log entries.

Brew Session Settings

    Snapshot Default - Controls default setting for the 'create snapshot' option on the Brew page.
    Hide Brew Timers
    Brew Timer Sound
    Brew Log Default Sort Order- setting for a default brew log sort order, defaults to oldest logs first or newest logs first.
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