BSG Invoice Import

Groups Feature Only

Premium Plus and Premium Pro (or a lower membership level as member of a 'Group'). BSG import function allowing you to import an invoice pdf of ingredients, price and all specs from a BSG invoice into your group inventory. In a groups 'Inventory', use the dropdown for 'Import' and click on 'Import BSG Invoice PDF' Select a BSG pdf saved on your computer or phone to import all pdf info for ingredients and specifications including pricing.

Once you select the invoice pdf to import, the ingredients on the pdf will match to the Brewer's Friend ingredient database. If all ingredients are found, there will be a green checkmark above the ingredient. If the checkmark is yellow or red, use the drop downs to match the ingredient to one in the Brewer's Friend ingredient database. If the ingredient is not found in the database, edit the ingredient and toggle on 'Contribute', and a Brewer's Friend team member will add the ingredient to the database.

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