With the ‘Groups’ feature, you are now able to share, edit and collaborate with others. All group members can access the group recipes and sessions independently rather than using a singular Brewer’s Friend account.

Create a ‘Group’ for friends, a brewery, or create or join a homebrew club and each member can view the session and edit the recipe as well as receive device notifications and alerts to keep all members on the same page with the brew session! Using the ‘Versioning’ feature, you can suggest a recipe to the group and gather input from other members with their versioning edits and suggest edits of your own to a given groups recipe. ‘Recipe Versioning’ keeps track of saves to a recipe so that you can view the differences between each ‘save’ and restore a ‘version’ if you want to. ‘Recipe Versioning’ when in a ‘Group’ with multiple users also tracks which user made each change to the recipe.

Take time to setup your group with members and tanks before you get started.

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