iSpindel Wireless Hydrometer

iSpindel Wireless Hydrometer

Is a DIY free-floating digital hydrometer and thermometer for continuous fermentation real-time monitoring that operates on WiFi.

Brew Session Setup

See the Fermentation tab in a brew session to turn on iSpindel logging. After the device logs for the first time you will see the name show up in the devices section under the Fermentation tab of the brew session.

Cloud URL

Your iSpindel Cloud URL can be found under integrations. You will need this to enter into the iSpindel app.

The URL Settings:

Token: [API KEY]

Server Address:

Server Port: 80

Server URL (Plato, iSpindel Default): /ispindel/[API KEY]

Server URL (Specific Gravity): /ispindel_sg/[API KEY]

  • If this is your first time powering it on it will create an access point (AP) and you should connect to the iSpindel WiFi network. Then open a browser and go to If you ever need to reset the WiFi to get back to the iSpindel network AP click the reset button 3 - 4 times then connect to the iSpindel AP (will need a small flat head screw driver).

  • Go to the Maintenance page and scroll down to the Firmware update, select the file you downloaded above and click Update.


  • Reconnect to the iSpindel AP

  • Go to the Maintenance page and click calibrate.

  • Brewer's Friend expects the gravity to be in Plato since the iSpindel does not send a gravity unit.

  • Go to the Configuration page and enter your WiFi SSID and password.

  • The update interval should be not less than 900 seconds or 15 minutes, 3600 for every hour.

Firmware 6.5.1


  • Enter for the Server Address.

  • Enter /ispindel/[API KEY] for the Server URL.

Firmware 6.5.1