Getting Started


Toggle on devices like a Tilt, Plaato, Floaty, iSpindel, and Custom Streams to stream fermentation data. After the fermentation session turning off the device will stop reporting to Brewer's Friend. You can also edit the device and deactivate it.


Notifications can be set for temperature and gravity. Email, Text Message and Slack notifications are available for groups.

Device settings can be found here, https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/profile/device_settings

Fermentation Chart

The fermentation chart is populated from Brew Log entries or from device data streams.

View Options

You can change the chart period with the Days drop down. You then click the arrows left or right of the days to pan backwards or forwards through time.

Stat Knobs

These are the colored half circles above the fermentation chart.

  • Temp

    • This is the most recent temperature recorded from the brew log or linked devices.

  • Gravity

    • This is the most recent gravity recorded from the brew log or linked devices.

    • The min is the recipe OG and the max is the recipe FG.

    • The half circle will be full when it reaches FG.

  • ABV

    • This is the current ABV calculated from the most first gravity and the recent gravity.

    • The min is zero and max is the style ABV high.

    • The half circle will be full when it reaches the ABV high.

  • Days

    • Start when fermentation begins, this could be from a brew log entry or linked devices.

    • The half circle will be full at 28 days for Lagers and 14 days for Ales.


You can export readings in CSV or JSON.


You can edit brew log entries under the Brew Log tab but not in the chart. You can however edit any entries that were sent from devices in the edit view.

Annotation readings will show up as cards underneath the chart and are great for marking mile stones like cold crashing or dry hopping. Your comment will also appear in the card.

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