Premium Pro Only (and members of Pro group)

Setting up your custom cellar;

Click on 'Add a Tank', enter the desired name of the tank (e.g. FV01), size, type and any other info.

Type can be chosen from 'Barrel', 'Bright Tank', 'Fermentation Vessel', 'Serving Vessel' and 'Yeast Propagation Tank'.

Status' include; 'Green', 'Bright', 'Dirty', 'Cleaned' and 'Cleaned and Sanitized'. When a Brew Session is assigned to a Tank, the tank status automatically reads 'Green'. After a transfer is conducted, the status of the tank the beer was transferred from automatically reads 'Dirty'.

Set up your custom cellar to;

Attach your brew session to a tank (FV, BT, SV, YPT and barrels) to allow you to add custom logs to tanks.

Conduct transfers and keep a tank log history.

Add custom alerts and notifications to future tank logs.

Double batch, split batch and blend.

  • When multiple brew sessions are added to one tank (double batch), enter a fermentation complete log in the tank logs to apply the final gravity to all brew sessions in the tank.

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