Release Notes



  • Recipe Builder - Fixed hop temp width to not cut off a digit.

  • Equipment Profile - Add Liters option for Mash Water Units when general units setting is metric.

  • Recipe View - Fixed hop summary units being converted to grams. Hops are grouped in the hop summary and amounts are changed to grams to sum a total amounts. These amounts were not being converted back to the unit on the recipe. This fixes that.

  • Shopping List - Fixed yeast count when converting recipe ingredients to shopping list.



  • Shopping List - Fixed bug where hop amounts in add to shopping list were showing as zero

  • Recipe Builder - Fixed issues with mash guidelines changing when making updates and new values not saving properly

  • Recipe Builder - Fixed problem with diastatic power incorrect for cara ingredients

  • Recipe Print View - Fixed problem with the hop summary checkbox not working

  • Recipe Print View - More fixes for reducing print size down to one page and maximizing use of space on recipe print



  • Recipe Print View - Fixed display of recipes when printing to fit on one page

  • Site Style - Reverted recent link color change to switch link colors back to green

  • Brew Sessions - Fixed occasional errors when starting a new brew session

  • Brew Sessions - Fixed errors when starting brew session with group inventory

  • My Recipes - Improved layout and style of my recipes table to flex better at all resolutions and make better use of space


  • My Recipes - Added new "New Recipe" button for convenience when scrolled down



  • My Recipes - Improved display of recipe table on mobile screen size to better use available space

  • My Recipes - Improved style of folder buttons to better fit on small screens

  • Homepage Recipes - Updated recipe card sizes to work better on mobile

  • Recipe Builder - Moved yeast calculation link to make it clearer

  • Recipe Builder - Fixed error on loading recipes with empty mash step type

  • Brew Session - Fixed issue where equipment profile wouldn't be set on starting a new brew session


  • Recipe View - Added award winning ribbon color display

  • My Recipes/My Brewing - Added option for showing more recipes per page



  • Devices - Fixed errors when deleting device readings

  • Calculators - Added ml/g conversion

  • My Recipes - Fixed defaulting snapshot filtering checkbox to on

  • Hop Summary - Fixed showing 0 boil time on hop summary

  • My Brewing/Recipes - Fixed issue with searching recipes in groups

  • Recipe View - Fix tables display for mobile browsers

  • Recipe Builder - Fixed number arrows display on inputs for Firefox

  • Brew Session - Fixed display of recipe metric cards on brew session

  • Brew Session/Recipe View - Reduced size of profile pictures


  • Beer XML - Added Batch Sparge mash type


  • Account

  • Groups - Friend and Homebrew Club groups.

  • Groups - Members, invite friends to your group for recipe collaborations.

  • Groups - Inventory, shared inventory that anyone in the group can use.

  • Account - Mobile number for text messages.

  • Brew Session

    • Fermentation alerts and notifications.

      • Email, text message and Slack.

      • These work with devices to notify you if the temp drops below or above a set point. It can also alert when a gravity is reached. Alerts are available with email or text.

    • Carbs in grams.

    • Packaging Options

    • New Event Types

      • Mash Complete (First Runnings)

      • Mash Complete (Last Runnings)

      • Cone Dump

      • Diacetyl Rest

    • Tanks

  • Recipe View - Added Carbs grams per 12 oz.

  • Equipment Profiles - Hop Options - allow you to set utilization percents used when adding hops in the recipe builder.

  • Device Settings

    • Fermentation alerts and notifications.

      • Same as above but you can set them for all brew sessions using a device.

  • Recipe Builder

    • Group editing, multiple group users can edit the same recipe (not at the same time however, that may change)

    • Versioning. Versions are automatically created each time the recipe is saved.

      • You can then revert to that version of the recipe.

    • Hop copy button to help with lots hops additions.

    • Carbs in grams.

    • Mash Guidelines water calc.

      • Auto adjusts strike water with mash thickness change.

  • API

    • bpm field added to stream.

  • General



  • My Recipes - Bulk delete option.

  • My Profile - Toggling default brew steps.

  • Recipe View - When a water calc is linked, the projected mash pH varies from the water calc to the recipe builder.

  • Recipe Builder - Partial mash recipes changing when built using a goal.

  • Recipe Builder - Australian spelling.

  • Label Generator - not printing style.

  • Recipe Builder - Mash pH - Slaked lime issue when adding lime zest in the recipe in 'other' ingredients.


  • Recipe Builder - Mash Guidelines - Vorlauf and Batch Sparge options.

  • Brew Session - Brew Steps - removed automatically created steps for starting and completed mash steps, combined this into one step with timer.

  • Recipe Builder - Deprecated IE message, Internet Explorer just doesn't perform as good as other modern browsers and we do not recommend using it at all.

  • Water Calculator- ml/l and g/l options back to the water calculator for salts and acids.



  • Search - Issue selecting multiple ingredients in recipe search.

  • Water Calculator - Issue with Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3).

  • Recipe Builder - Days copy when selecting dry hop.


  • Recipe Builder - Post Boil calc and input when the target is Fermenter. This will auto calculate the post boil volume including evaporation rate from the equipment profile chosen for the recipe. This volume will then be used in the Original Gravity and IBU predictions instead of the Batch Size. When the target is Kettle the Batch Size is also the Post Boil volume so nothing changes here and is still being used for OG and IBU predictions.

  • Equipment Profile - Altitude input, enter feet or meters for your altitude. This will be used to automatically change the hop utilization in the recipe builder (Click More next to the prediction bar), which defaults to 1. Example: At 5,280 feet this changes the utilization to 0.84 (ie. 84%).

  • API Endpoints - Starting to move all endpoints to ``. Old endpoints will still be supported.



  • API Endpoints - Recipes

  • API Endpoints - Brew Sessions

  • Ingredients - Complete list of Voyager malts to the BF catalog.




  • Brew Session - Fermentation paging and edit readings.




  • Recipe Builder - Whirlpool Utilization can now use time and temp to calc approximate utilization. Change the time and temp for auto utilization updates.

  • Recipe Builder - Dry Hop Time verbiage changed to Day.


  • Recipe Builder - Priming block with custom priming method will not try to calculate anything.


  • Recipe Builder - Ability to enter custom styles in the sub category. You can still choose a primary category.

  • Recipe Builder / Label Generator - Custom styles will now appear for your label.

  • Brew Session / Brew Log - ability to add time along with the date for more accurate logs and fermentation charts.

  • Shopping List - Bulk Edit for amounts.



  • Recipe Builder - Priming Information dropdown options will now auto calculate the priming sugar you choose. This also adds a calculation for kegs and C02.

  • Search - Added reset search and cached previous search for returning to search after leaving.


  • Brew Session - Fermentation charts now updates the UI correctly after deleting a reading. Time scale is now linear to account for gaps in readings. Comments are correctly wrapped in annotation cards.



  • Brew Session - Phase bar, now numbered and more intuitive.


  • Data Sheets - Forced Carbonation Chart.

  • My Recipes - Search will now query all recipes regardless if they are in a folder or not.

  • Recipe Builder / Equipment Profile - Original Gravity calculation can now use boil size with evaporation rate instead of batch size when include evaporation rate is checked under equipment profile and batch target is fermenter. Click More next to the stats bar and find this under Equipment Profile.

  • Brew Session - Brew Log entry for Yeast Dump, amount collected will be subtracted from the packaging volume.

  • Inventory - Added default amount. New recipes will have these ingredients added by default with the amount set.

  • Inventory - Suggested Brews allows you to find public recipes from Brewer's Friend that have ingredients from your inventory. Only ingredients with an amount will be used.



  • Brew Session - Source and Target water matching recipe.

  • Recipe Builder - Removing yeast now removes custom attenuation.

  • Recipe Builder - Saving mashed checkbox on custom fermentables.


  • Recipe Builder - Hop total unit to match hop units if they are all the same.

  • Recipe Builder - New Priming Information block with CO2 Levels auto calc for priming volume based on style.

  • Recipe Builder - Yeast block now shows ABV along with FG see the affect that attenuation changes make.

  • Styles - Recommended CO2 Volume Levels.

  • Brew Session - Brew Log Dry Hopped event type.

  • Inventory - Bulk Edit amounts and units.





  • Recipe Builder - Moved inventory items to main ingredient dropdowns. Inventory items will appear at the top of the ingredient dropdown ending with the amount. You can now search for them and more easily use them in recipes.




  • Brew Sessions - Fermentation chart BPM for Plaato.

  • API Endpoints - Additional API stream fields for MyBrewBot and Fermentrack.



  • Recipe Builder - pH prediction showing with no water profile selected.

  • Recipe Builder - Inventory & Shopping custom brands now showing up prior to being approved.

  • Recipe View - can now show fermentation chart from multiple brew sessions.

  • Recipe Builder - water calc sometimes missing acid additions from the recipe.

  • Inventory & Shopping - now enter yeast temp in °F or °C.




  • Recipe Builder - hop temp placeholder value for Metric units.

  • Calculators - All grain calculator grain select now updates the calculator.

  • Recipe Import - yeasts with zero amount.

  • Recipe Import - grains category, country, type.

  • Brew Sessions - Device in-use for fermentation chart.

  • Recipe Builder - Other Ingredients units issue switching recipe units.

  • Brew Sessions - Brew Steps when all default steps are removed and only custom steps are being used.

  • My Recipes and My Brew Sessions - list dates missing after search.

  • Recipe Builder - & Water calc acid malts linking.


  • Recipe Builder - tooltips on question marks.

  • Recipe Builder - tooltip descriptions for hops and yeast dropdowns.

  • Inventory and Shopping - EBC to Lovibond conversion.

  • Inventory and Shopping - WK to Lintner conversion.

  • Inventory and Shopping - PPG conversion from extract percent.

  • General Settings - Diastatic Power equation. WK or Lintner (default).

  • Recipe Builder - option for Diastatic Power equation. WK or Lintner (default).

  • Brew Sessions - Fermentation chart annotation cards.

  • Brew Sessions - pH addition for fermentation device readings.

  • General Settings - hide fermentation chart tooltip.

  • Brew Sessions - Brew log entry packaging options, corny keg, ferkin, 1/6, 1/4 and 1/2 barrel kegs.

  • General Settings - for date format, more formats added.

  • Recipe Builder - save bar that now follows you down the page.

  • My Recipes and My Brew Sessions - folder sidebar collapse.

  • Recipe Print - left margin to leave room for hole punching.

  • Recipe Builder - gallon unit option for Other Ingredients.

  • Calculators - Water Calc gallon unit option for salts and acids.

  • Site Wide - Added Documentation URL to Community Menu.

  • Site Wide - Mobile navigation momentum scrolling.




  • Annotations on fermentation chart and brew log entries.






  • Fermentation device chart readings with missing gravity or temp values.

  • Water Profile name on recipe view.


  • Using time format from general settings on date timestamps in account sections.


  • Other ingredients autocomplete.

  • Other ingredients user contributions from inventory/shopping.

  • User contributions show/hide option in general settings. defaults to hidden.

  • New dropdowns with autocomplete and search for ingredients on recipe builder.

  • Total yeast attenuation adjustment in recipe builder.

  • Export device readings to JSON or CSV from brew session fermentation tab.

  • API endpoint for device readings in JSON.

  • Additional time formats in general settings.

  • Introduced animals into the world, we believe they're going to be a neat addition.