• Fermentation chart BPM for Plaato.

  • Additional API stream fields for MyBrewBot and Fermentrack.



  • Recipe Builder pH prediction showing with no water profile selected.

  • Recipe Builder, Inventory & Shopping custom brands now showing up prior to being approved.

  • Recipe View can now show fermentation chart from multiple brew sessions.

  • Recipe Builder water calc sometimes missing acid additions from the recipe.

  • Inventory & Shopping can now enter yeast temp in °F or °C.




  • Recipe Builder hop temp placeholder value for Metric units.

  • All grain calculator grain select now updates the calculator.

  • Recipe import yeasts with zero amount.

  • Recipe import grains category, country, type.

  • Device in-use for fermentation chart.

  • Recipe Builder Other Ingredients units issue switching recipe units.

  • Brew Steps when all default steps are removed and only custom steps are being used.

  • Recipe and Brew session list dates missing after search.

  • Recipe Builder & Water calc acid malts linking.


  • Recipe Builder tooltips on question marks.

  • Recipe Builder tooltip descriptions for hops and yeast dropdowns.

  • EBC to Lovibond conversion in inventory and shopping.

  • WK to Lintner conversion in inventory and shopping.

  • PPG conversion from extract percent in inventory and shopping.

  • General Setting for Diastatic Power equation. WK or Lintner (default).

  • Recipe option for Diastatic Power equation. WK or Lintner (default).

  • Fermentation chart annotation cards.

  • pH addition for fermentation device readings.

  • General Setting to hide fermentation chart tooltip.

  • Brew log entry packaging options, corny keg, ferkin, 1/6, 1/4 and 1/2 barrel kegs.

  • General Settings for date format, more formats added.

  • Recipe Builder save bar that now follows you down the page.

  • My Recipes and My Brew Sessions folder sidebar collapse.

  • Recipe Print left margin to leave room for hole punching.

  • Recipe Builder gallon unit option for Other Ingredients.

  • Water Calc gallon unit option for salts and acids.

  • Added Documentation URL to Community Menu.

  • Mobile navigation momentum scrolling.




  • Annotations on fermentation chart and brew log entries.






  • Fermentation device chart readings with missing gravity or temp values.

  • Water Profile name on recipe view.


  • Using time format from general settings on date timestamps in account sections.


  • Other ingredients autocomplete.

  • Other ingredients user contributions from inventory/shopping.

  • User contributions show/hide option in general settings. defaults to hidden.

  • New dropdowns with autocomplete and search for ingredients on recipe builder.

  • Total yeast attenuation adjustment in recipe builder.

  • Export device readings to JSON or CSV from brew session fermentation tab.

  • API endpoint for device readings in JSON.

  • Additional time formats in general settings.

  • Introduced animals into the world, we believe they're going to be a neat addition.