Inventory and Shopping. The ‘Cost’ features allows you to enter the price you paid for ingredients in your inventory, the recipe editor and shopping list.

In your ‘Inventory’, simply select the ingredient to wish to add, enter the ‘amount’ with a selected unit, and enter the price. When building a recipe from inventory items that have price, the recipe builder will show the ‘Cost’ as you add and remove ingredients.

If you know the unit price, e.g price for one pound, enter it under ‘Unit Price’

If you know the total price paid for the amount you purchased, enter the ‘Amount’ you purchased and the total price paid under ‘Total Price’, and click the ‘Convert’ button to fill in the ‘Unit Price’ (calculated from total price and total amount).

'Shopping List'

In 'Recipe View' or the 'Recipe Editor', use the drop down at the top of the page titled 'Recipe Tools', and click on 'Add to Shopping List'. The prices for each ingredient in the recipe are applied to the shopping list items. If you chose to convert the 'Shopping List' to 'Inventory' the prices are automatically added to the selected 'Inventory'.

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