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What browsers do you support?

We support newer versions of the most popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE). Newer mobile browsers are also supported. We do not plan to support older browsers.

Do you have a mobile app?

The entire website is mobile enabled, which means it is optimized for smart phones and tablets. For native experiences we have the following:


For complete details see our iPhone App Information Page.

iPad: The site renders really well on iPad. It is easy to add a link to your home screen using mobile Safari: Bookmark -> Add To Home Screen. If you need offline capability, the iPhone app in 2x mode is a good option.

How is the site backed up?

Multiple times per day, encrypted, in geographically distant data centers on redundant storage arrays.

What will be in the next release?

We are improving the system all the time. Follow our update forum and our beta testing forum for news and updates.

How can I make a suggestion for a feature?

There is a specific topic in the forum for feature requests. Please see the forum and make your request there. That way we can track how interested people are, let them weigh in, and provide our feedback to the community, all in one place.

Do you support BeerXML?

Yes, we support the BeerXML Version 1.0 spec both for importing and exporting.

Importing a Recipe From BeerXML: Look for the Import BeerXML link under the 'New Beer Recipe' navigation menu at the top.

Exporting a Recipe To BeerXML: On the view recipe page, there is an option under the export tab.

BeerXML results: Expect to see minor differences in recipe stats when moving between programs. This is caused by different brewing equations, rounding, etc. Make sure to double check every field, especially batch size, efficiency, and grain ppgs. For example, Brew Target wants to set its own batch size based on equipment, which can really throw off a recipe’s stats.

If you are getting confused by the results of an import or export, we are happy to look into differences with you. Please use the Contact Us page.

How does the folder system work for recipes and brews?

The My Recipes and My Brewing page allows items to be grouped into folders. The 'default' folder is where items start. Folders are sorted by name alphabetically. There is no limit to the number of folders you may have, or how many items may live in a folder. The folders on the My Recipes and My Brewing pages are independent of each other.

Ideas for folder names:

  • Brew Again

  • Don't Brew Again

  • Planning

  • Clone Recipes

  • Lagers

  • Small Batches

  • My Experiments

  • Competitions

  • Archived

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