Tilt Wireless Hydrometer

Tilt Wireless Hydrometer

Is a free-floating digital hydrometer and thermometer for continuous fermentation real-time monitoring that operates on Bluetooth. https://tilthydrometer.com

Brew Session Setup

See the Fermentation tab in a brew session to turn on Tilt logging. This can be done anytime before or after your Tilt is setup.

Cloud URL

Your Tilt Cloud URL can be found under integrations. You will need this to enter into the Tilt app. https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/profile/integrations

Tilt Pi

We recommend using a Raspberry Pi to stream Tilt data to Brewer's Friend. Since the Tilt only operates on Bluetooth you need a WiFi + Bluetooth device like a Raspberry Pi to connect to the Tilt and also connect to the internet to send data to Brewer's Friend.

Raspberry Pi Setup

Download and Install the Tilt Pi image to your Raspberry Pi. https://tilthydrometer.com/products/tilt-pi-raspberry-pi-disk-image-download

Raspberry Pi WiFi Setup

After you have the above image on a micro SD card, insert that into the Raspberry Pi, plugin a USB keyboard and HDMI monitor. After it boots up, follow these instructions to setup WiFi. After this you can unplug they keyboard and monitor as you won't need it again.

sudo raspi-config

Once your Raspberry Pi is setup and connected to your WiFI you can access it from your network. http://tiltpi.local:1880/ui

Add Brewer's Friend API Key

Copy your Tilt cloud URL from Account Settings and paste it into the Cloud Url, hit enter/return to save. Do not enter your email in the GMAIL email input. For whatever reason this causes issues sending data.

Cloud Settings

  • Cloud URL, copy this from your account settings.

  • Use Default Cloud URL for All: Off

  • Start Logging to the Cloud: On

  • Time Interval: 15 Minutes.

    • set the time interval to 15 minutes. Anything less won't be logged.

TiltBridge by Fermentrack


Once connected to your WiFi open http://tiltbridge.local/settings and enter your Brewer's Friend API key from Account Settings.

Tilt iPhone App

You can also use the Tilt iPhone app, however it will only update when you have it open and are near the Tilt. You will need the same Cloud URL from your Account Settings.

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