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The ‘Cost’ features allows you to enter the price you paid for ingredients in your inventory, the recipe editor and shopping list.
How does the 'Cost' feature work in the Recipe Builder?
You can enter the price directly in the recipe builder by; entering an ingredient, clicking on the dollar sign ($) next to the ingredient, and typing in the price per unit.
Apply the same price to all same ingredients (e.g. multiple Citra additions in the recipe) by clicking the checkbox ‘Update the price for all of the same ingredient’
Two of the same ingredient
Check box to apply the same price to same ingredient.
View the total price of all ingredients, separated by type, as well as ‘Recipe Cost’ per batch, per pint, and total price based on a different scaled size or yield.
Click in one of two places to view total cost.
All ingredients and cost per barrel / pint. Adjustable for batch yield and size.
The ‘Cost’ is also displayed on the Recipe View and ‘My Recipes’ list. Each ‘Version’ saved shows the ‘Cost’ change. SEE MORE on 'Cost' at